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Welcome to my website!

My name is Mark White, and I am a UX designer.

I am also a psychologist. I have studied the human brain in great detail, so I know how to keep people who are interacting with your website or application engaged.

Check out this site: read my guides, discover my services, and then contact me. I promise it's going to be an awesome experience!


Front-end experience design

I've got you covered from design to implementation.

Website design/redesign

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Cross-platform app design

Ensure that your application runs properly on all platforms.

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Recent UX Guides

Psychology triggers that create a fantastic UX


Being a psychologist, I always try to find innovative ways of improving user experience. It is true that some of these ideas may be accessible to regular people as well, but I'd dare to say that most of them will only be accessible to people who have studied how human mind works. So, here are some of my best finds.


First, it is important to understand that humans want to feel in control at all times. This will also apply to user interfaces and user experience, of course.


So, one of the most important UX principles is to make sure that the user feels (and actually is) in control of what's happening at any moment.


Read the full article or check out the entire blog.

Chatbots are transforming the UX industry


Let's start with a simple definition: chatbots are small pieces of software, which are powered by artificial intelligence, and can interact with humans in a credible way. Some of these chatbots are built for fun, but most of them have been built for business use, helping companies save lots of time and money.


Every major company uses an automated business phone answering system, but their customers are very unhappy whenever they have to go through the many available extensions and options. A text-based chatbot can help people get the answers to their questions much faster. Want proof? A study from shows that chatbots are now the 5th most popular customer service channel.


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UX vs UI: key differences explained


I am quite sure that you've heard lots of people discussing about poor UX and/or great UI. But what are the main differences between UX and UI? This article will highlight the most important ones. Just because there are some differences, it doesn't mean that user experience design and user interface design belong to two different worlds. In fact, UI and UX work together, with the goal of enhancing the user interface and the user experience.


User interface design reflects in the aspect of your product; it's what people see when they start your application, for example. On the other hand, user experience is a part of the design process which shapes the way in which people feel while they are interacting with your product.


Read the full article or check out the entire blog.

UX News and Events

Intermediate UX Course

A course that's designed for UX designers who want to take their careers to the next stage. A practical six-evening course which is taught by two industry leading UX practitioners.

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An Event Apart Seattle: Special Edition

A three-day conference which includes 18 sessions, and has an intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more. Every attendee will receive copies of "The New CSS Layout" and "Conversational Design".

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Become a certified UX & Usability Expert

The UX360 seminar enables people to develop successful products, services and systems which please the users. Learn "User Experience Design", "Human Centered Design" and "Design Thinking".

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